Saturday, July 5, 2014

Quick Tiramisu and Have a safe summer!

Remember that easy Pound Cake from last week? Well, this “Tiramisu” is just an extension of the leftover pound cake. It is a very quick dessert, tastes almost like old fashioned Tiramisu and it only costs pennies to make compared to expensive ingredients one has to purchase to make authentic dessert. Whey don’t you give it a try?  I am sure you will love this dessert, the taste and rich feel of it. 

Here’s how I made it.
Quick Tiramisu
1 cup chunks of Pound cake
¼ cup strong brewed espresso
2 Hunts Vanilla pudding cups
2 cups Coolwhip light, thawed
Cocoa powder to garnish

How to:
Arrange Pound cake pieces in a bowl or parfait cups in a single layer.
Brush with the espresso until the chunks are completely soaked.
Mix pudding and thawed Coolwhip Light and layer on top of pound cake pieces.
Dust with cocoa powder.
Chill until ready to serve.
You can make layers of this and serve as Tiramisu Parfaits.



  1. nice and quick , way to make my favorite dessert. Yes see you in Summer, can't wait.

  2. I love This kind of instant desserts..tempting