Friday, April 30, 2010

Mixed Thali!

Don't know what I was thinking when I made this dinner! I was having a pounding headache. And I went ahead and made chicken masala, aloo gobi and Methi gota! I took a little help with store-bought naans! My idea was to make parathas but I was too tired to make parathas. Hubby also asked me why I went through all the trouble when I had a headache! But then, it's me!
Chicken masala was very quick since I had some chicken tenders, marinated in the fridge in salt, pepper and lemon juice marinade. Nothing fancy. So I quickly browned onions, cook the traditional Indian masalas like cayenne, turmeric, cumin powders and ginger garlic paste with pureed tomatoes till the oil separates . Throw in the chicken tenders and let it cook slowly till the tenders are done.

On the 2nd burner, I just heated up the oil, added whatever seeds I saw( I guess they were mustard and cumin) first in the spice cabinet. Then threw in the chopped cauliflower and potatoes with a bit of traditional Indian spices again and let it cook till the potatoes are fork tender.

While these 2 dishes were cooking, I chopped methi, made the gota batter with besan, ginger, garlic, salt, whole peppercorns and of course, methi and water! And deep fried them!
I have some left over which I am going to use for Gatta kadhi tonight! It will go very well with Khichdi and okra fry! Hey, there it is, my tonight's dinner plan already laid out!

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