Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shrimp Crostini

This is one of my favorite lunch items. It’s very versatile, you can alter the veggies and meat per your need and it requires no time to assemble. This is an open faced sandwich with all the veggie and protein fixings you need for the day to keep you going. And I need it. I just got promoted. And every new job brings new responsibilities. I have no time at work unlike before. I used to write my posts at work before. Now I can only do it in my short lunch which is mainly eating at desk, working! At home, same old same old. Busy busy busy. So this is exactly what I need. Very less chopping and prepping and voila, a perfectly balanced lunch/snack is ready.

Shrimp Crostini
1 slice multi grain bread, toasted lightly
Slices of cucumber, avocado, bell pepper
Cooked shrimps(or cooked chicken)
Green onions, for garnish
Salt and pepper
Extra virgin olive oil, for drizzle

How to:

Build the layers of veggies and meat on top of the toasted slice.
Make sure you drizzle each layer with EVOO and salt and pepper each layer.