Sunday, March 3, 2013

Potato Cups

These are just the extension of my recipe, Potato Cakes. As you know, I am a self proclaimed queen of potatoes. I absolutely love potatoes. I can have potatoes 365 days a year! And I know they are so versatile, so forgiving, you can make whatever you want with them, you can mix them with anything or leave them alone(by this I mean, cook just THEM!), you would end up with a great tasting dish.  I wonder how some races on the face of the earth don’t cook and eat potatoes!

Well, so I just prepared the potatoes the way I did in my Potato Cakes recipe. And instead of frying them, I baked them in preoiled muffin pan in the hot hot hot oven. And got these potato cups. I served them two ways. First one as the picture shows, as a breakfast accompaniment with cheese omelet and chocolate chip pancakes. Second, I don’t have the pictures but I served them topped with hot sauce, sour cream and chopped tomatoes and avocados.


  1. Loved the potato cups a lot. Nice recipes

  2. Incredible and terrific dish,cant resist.

  3. this is so yummy..Come and participate in my event- Mela/Carnival Food