Saturday, May 18, 2013

Let The Summer Grilling Begins!

Veggies are ready to take the heat!

On the grill

Looks like Summer has arrived a bit too early! We were in Spring weather, wearing light jackets and boom, we are into shorts and sleeveless clothing! Especially last 2 weekends were a huge surprise. And to take full advantage of the warm weather, almost all in the neighbourhood has lit up their BBQs! Once again, that smoky aroma has filled the air, reminding us to not take this season for granted and to make the most of it.

Me as well, as a big fan of bbqing, didn’t stay back. Cleaned up my BBQ once again and fired it up to grill all the Spring veggies I can lay my hands on. I love the taste of smoke on my veggies. Simply, I love the barbecued food. So this time around, my first 2013 barbecue was no different than other years. Lots of veggies, chicken and lamb. Yes, those who know me well can tell that I have barbecued enough for the entire week’s worth of lunch! Now that’s the way to enjoy warm weather and stay cool inside of the house and of course, enjoy the good time with family.

I grilled vegetables with just enough oil, salt and pepper. Then grilled the flat breads with those veggies on top and lots of goat cheese. We had it cut up like pizza for dinner but for the lunch, I had them all rolled up as a wrap. Then I simply marinated chicken breasts and lamb in bbq sauce and grilled them. Potatoes were same, microwaved until tender and then tossed into oil, salt and pepper and Italian seasoning blends and grilled. Dip was a plain mix of sour cream, mayonnaise, salt and Cayenne pepper. And in a jiffy, we had a fabulous, low fat dinner plus the lunch. I am definitely looking forward to grilling more in this summer. Hope you all have a fantastic and safe summer. I will see you all when I see you!



  1. Amen for the grilling season, looks so good.

  2. Fantastic..Looking forward for grilling season here.