Sunday, September 8, 2013

Milk Fudge(Milk Burfi)


I have never had a sweet tooth, to begin with. Growing up, I only like to have doodhpaak(Gujarati version of Kheer), koprapaak(coconut fudge) and gulab jamuns(need I say more about this dessert?!). And that too, occasionaly. After having moved to Canada upon my marriage, I had to start making desserts in my kitchen as hubby has a sweet tooth no one can beat. He has to have something sweet every day after dinner. And yes, he is a sucker for Indian mithais. Chocolates and cakes would only do when there is absolutely no mithai available in my fridge or pantry. So I began to experiment with the recipes for desserts about 18 years ago and now I can proudly say that I can make great mithais. I still stick to make mithais without or less ghee. That’s why I like to make mithais with milk and paneer. Gujarati mithais like magas, mohanthaal- require lots of ghee. So that is once a year kind of dessert.

In India, we normally get mawa burfi. Mawa(khoya) is abundunt in India. When I came to Canada about 20 years ago, there were only a handful of Indian grocery stores around. No mention of mawa. Nowadays, there is an Indian grocery store in every street corner or at least it seems like it, mawa is readily available but very very expensive. It takes time and effort to make mawa at home so I started using ricotta cheese for mithais. And the results were mind blowing. So even today, I stick to using ricotta cheese instead of mawa.

Milk Burfi(Milk Fudge)
1 container (400 gms.) Ricotta cheese(full fat)
Same container ful sugar
½ container ful milk powder
1 stick butter
Cardamom powder
Chopped almond and pistachionuts for garnish

How to:
In a microwave safe bowl, combine all the ingredients and cook on high heat for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionaly.
When the mixture is thick and moves around the spoon while stirring, it’s ready.
Pour in a non stick tray, sprinkle garnish.
Cut into pieces when cool down.

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