Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all my friends.

For me, Easter brings a great message. Easter day is a resurrection day of Jesus after his death. For us believers, it brings the message of ever lasting life that is ahead of us after death. People celebrate Easter as a coming of springtime, which is mainly related to the waking up of Jesus that day. Flowers start to come out, bunnies and other animals- big or tiny- start to surface the earth after the long dark and cold months of winter. We believe that this darkness represents the death of Jesus and his burial. And then, on Easter Sunday, the life gets sprung up again.

I made this bunny a while ago. Mark happened to love rice crispy treats since he was a little kid. So I made this using the rice crispy cereal which was lying on the top of the fridge for quite a few weeks, unopened. Looks like nobody was interested in eating it. So I had no choice but to turn those plain ol' grains to something sweet that everyone would go for. Hence, this rice crispy bunny comes out of the hot pot instead of cold ground.

All you need is about 6 cups of cereal, 1/2 cup butter, vanilla essence and a bag of marshmallow. Heat up all together in a pot till cereal is coated with butter well. Immediately scoop it out into two well-greased round cake pans. Once cooled, cut one round into 3 pieces that will make a bow tie and 2 ears of the bunny. Arrange licorice and jelly beans to make the face of the bunny and see the kids' faces brighten up when they get to see and eat this springy, gooey treat.