Monday, September 3, 2012

Portobello Pizza

I know a lot has happened in the blogging world since July 13(my last post). I got very busy at work, and then with planning our summer vacation. I am actually neck deep busy at work with lots of new things happening. Lots of training to go through.  And home front, same..with my  baby in Grade 12, I am mostly browsing university sites, checking for courses and deadlines for applications...See what we go through for our kids?!  But I will try my best to keep up with all of you and my blog, I promise.

I LOVE PORTOBELLOs! You all know me. These mushrooms bring such great joy to my kitchen while I am cooking them! They are perfect meatless “ meaty” wonders, perfectly capable to satiate the hungry tummys without the heaviness of meat. I absolutely go crazy when I see these big, beautiful, perfect mushrooms. My brain kind of rushes to use them in different recipes, to utilize them in a way to let these beauties shine on their own. And this pizza is just a dish. I was in a ‘no carb’ mood and at the same time, craving for something hearty and vegetarian. And these mushrooms came to the rescue. The dish is just so simple, so effortless, anyone can make it with a few basic ingredients on hands or you can turn it into a gourmet dish using exotic ingredients like they use at the Spago!

Seriously, what recipe? It’s just a method. Methods work great with me as I love to be a rebel in the kitchen. That’s why I don’t bake much. Baking doesn’t allow me to be myself. Cooking does. So, friends, just grill some Portobellos, smother them with love and pizza sauce, toppings like peppers, onions and cheese, and enjoy the hearty, meaty Portobello pizzas!