Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sautéed French Beans

Busy busy busy week...that's why I chose this dish to post. I'd been away for training for a whole week almost and now, we are moving at work so have to start packing!

I saw this beautiful french beans in the supermarket. They were very pretty in the pack. I grabbed one with the thought of making green beans and potatoes dry curry. Came home and tasted the raw bean, it was sugary sweet! So the curry idea got cancelled. I instead sauteed them in a bit of garlic, served with shredded ricotta salada and walnuts as a side dish. They were really beautiful to look at. Almost same size and shape. I had a blast snacking on these beans with a bit of ranch dressing as a dip. This is one of those easiest and quickest side that you can ever put together. Perfect for a large crowd also.

Sautéed French Beans


½ lb partially cooked green beans (I parboil the beans in microwave)
2 tbsp EVOO
2-3 tbsp grated garlic
Shredded ricotta salada as required(or any other cheese)
Salt and pepper to taste
Chopped walnuts

How to:

Heat the oil in a skillet and add garlic.
Once the garlic is fragrant, add beans, salt and pepper.
Toss so that the beans are glistened with oil.
Place the beans in the serving platter.
Add cheese, walnuts, or any other garnish you feel like having.
Sliced red onions are very good with these beans too, gives that yummy, peppery crunch.


  1. Love this sauteed beans simply with some grilled meats..I do quite often the steamed ones.