Monday, January 9, 2012

Fruit N Tomato Salads

I love fresh fruits and produce so much, I try to use them whenever I have a dish to bring for the potlucks! Normally here in North America, the salad in the Indian restaurants means chopped head lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers! Whenever we have the catering done for our parties, a huge foil pot has arrived full with plain pieces of iceberg! A few tomatoes and cucumbers thrown on the top, that's it! And I've seen those whole pots ending up in the trash. What a waste.

People normally think that salad should have some kind of lettuce in it. I don't like the idea. Lettuce puts me off to tell you the truth. I can munch on leaves of Romaine like a bunny, no problem. But when the same leafs get chopped into bite size pieces--- it gives me a chill! Don't like it at all. I like to incorporate as many veggies and fruits as possible in my salads to make them healthy and alive. And that's how these two salads were created.

Both salads are a no-brainer. You can put whatever you want in it.

Fruit salad - I made it two ways. Used the freshly peeled slices of melons and combined them with beets. More like carpaccio. Another was just the cut up fruits.

Tomato salad was especially fabulous as I found these beautiful colored tomatoes in the middle of winter and guess what, gotta make my Caprese salad! As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I love Italian foods. And this salad is very close to my heart. I love the simplicity of Italian food. Seriously, it's just fresh ingredients toss together and you've got yourself a healthy, flavourful meal. This salad is no exception either. Arrange slices of tomatoes and fresh mozzarella the way you want, place basil leaves here and there, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and voila!! Salad is served!

fruit carpaccio

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  1. Wow wat a healthy,catchy and terrific salad.

  2. healthy, colourful and delicious salad, lovely post..