Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sukhadi-A Gujarati Treat!

Once again, I did it! As soon as I found out about Julie’s ginger and peppercorn event, I knew I will go the Asian route. We use both spices as well in India but Asian cooking has distinct use and flavor of ginger and peppercorns. Started brain storming. Thought about making the ginger sauce with some kind of stir fry. And thought, hmmm, this is so obvious. I should come up with something that is again different and not everybody has heard about. So, I landed at home again! I made Sukhadi(pronounced Soo-kha-dee). I grew up eating this sweet. It's kind of a fudge, without milk I should say. It’s mainly made during winter months because it is believed that all the ghee, jaggery and ginger provide the body much needed heat and comfort in those cold months. When mom was here with me, she used to make it all the time in winter months. She would wait till about 20 minutes to our arrival home, start making it, and give us the still-hot, melt-in-your-mouth sukhadi. It is indigenous to Gujarat region. So here I am, another treat from home. Enjoy!



2 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup grated jaggery
1 cup ghee
4 tbsp dry ginger powder
Melon seeds for garnish, optional

How to:

Keep aside a shallow plate, greased with a bit of ghee.
Melt the ghee in a wok on medium high heat.
Roast the flour in ghee till it gives the nice aroma and it is golden brown, for about 7-9 minutes.
Add jaggery and ginger powder, stir vigorously and pour into the greased plate.
Let the mixture set and cool down a bit.
Cut into pieces and serve.

Sending this to Prabha's’sginger and peppercorn event.


  1. very lovely flavorful sweet,never heard of this before..Yummy bites!!
    So sweet of u,Lizy..Thanx for linking it to my event..:-)

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  2. what a delicious treat !!!loved it dear !!!never knew u are from Gujrat....we were settled i Baroda fo 17 long years starting '94...my father retired this year...shifted back to bengal this year itself !!!

  3. u r right this is often made in North india during winters. Love it..

  4. Never had this sukhadi,wish to give a try soon..super flavourful sweet.

  5. Never heard of this, looks delicious

  6. Wonderfully Prepared!!Never tasted this one..Really will be yummy treat :)
    Thank you so much for liking to the Event :)

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  7. gorgeous sweet,super combination...healthy 2..very tempting clicks