Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Little Garden N Oregano Sauce & A Problem!

My little garden is in full bloom. Roses are so beautiful, so is the jasmine. Mint is not that good this time as oregano has taken over the space! A co-worker of mine gave me a few plants of raspberries early in the spring and looks like I will be enjoying the fruit this year! I wasn't really hoping for it. I usually dry my mint to use it later in the year but this year, since there is not much mint came out, I need to buy it from the store. And I absolutely have no idea what to do with all the oregano. I have 2 big bottles of dried stuff and in the past, I tried to dry oregano but it didn't work. It did get dried but the flavor was lost. So this year, I am not even thinking about it. I am using it in sauces, chickens-as much as I can. This sauce was just one of those recipes. It served as a very good dipping sauce for the grilled potato wedges and the grilled chicken. I also used it over usual potato and peas sandwich and it tasted so much better.

Oregano Sauce
1 cup loosely packed oregano leaves
1 tbsp mint leaves
Salt and pepper to taste
2 tbsp feta cheese, crumbled
4-5 tbsp mayonnaise

How to:
Throw everything in the food processor and get yourself a good puree! You can add heat if you want, why not try minced jalapeno?!

Now let's talk about a problem that to me, seems so big.  I can't open Sanyukta, Aipi, Satya and so many other blogger friends' blogs.  My computer gets frozen or so many tabs get opened and that's it.....  I've tried to open up the blogs at work also. Not working...  Any suggestions???

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  1. Cute looking garden, i have the same problem too..sauce looks super creamy and rich.;