Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sprouts is not something new to Indians. I have a very fond memory from childhood, when this vendor lady would bring the basketful of different sprouts for door-to-door sale, every single day, every single morning in summer. She was very generous too. She would give fistfuls of sprouts to us kids to snack on! And we would drag our mothers out to make them buy sprouts from her.

Mom used to sprout many a different beans at home also. Both mom and dad still have a bowl of green gram and chick peas sprouts as mid-morning snack. I make different dishes like, salad, stir fry, pancakes etc with the sprouts. Personally, I prefer to sprout the green gram as it gives better sprouts and is very light on tummy.

I made a delicious healthy salad using grated carrots, cucumber, green and red bell peppers alongwith hot green chili pepper, some chat masala and lots of lemon juice, of course all with my green gram sprouts!


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  2. Healthy and guilt free dish, i do often sprouts at home..