Saturday, July 17, 2010

Anniversary Breakfast

Last Saturday, July 10th, we celebrated our 17th anniversary! Seems like just yesterday we got married! And now we have a 15-year old son with us! We are blessed by God Almighty abundantly. We've been very much grateful for that.

I had planned a wonderful breakfast for us. Our anniversary breakfast was the perfect way to start our day together. Saturdays are our favorite day of the week, too. We lounge around in our PJs, relax, sit at the kitchen table & eat, and watch news on TV. Hubby loves parathas and eggs for Saturday breakfast! I didn't want to deprive him of that! So instead of making one big paratha each for us, I made bite sized parathas for us. Eggs were there too. On top of it, stuffed French toast! Both father and son love Nutella! So I made Nutella stuffed French toast with the dusting of the confectioner's sugar! And boy oh boy! Those French toasts were fabulous. To wash down the food, we had our usual steamy coffee with a twist! I made mocha for us! We were going out for dinner so the big breakfast did take us through the day.

Nutella stuffed French toasts
6 slices of plain white bread, day old at least
3 eggs
salt to taste
1 tsp cinnamon powder
1 tsp sugar
1/4 cup mik
3 tbsp.Nutella
icing sugar to dust
butter to fry the tosts

How to:
Whisk eggs, salt, cinnamon, sugar & milk thoroughly.  Toast the bread lightly. Spread 1 tbsp each of Nutella on 3 slices of bread. Top of with remaining 3 slices. Cut diagonally. Soak in egg mixture till butter gets heated in a skillet. Shallow fry till golden brown on both sides. Dust with icing sugar and serve warm.


  1. belated happy marriage anniversary lizy...that was the perfect breakfast for the special day the combo ...looks awesome ..hope u had a gr8 day


  2. belated anniversary wishes to you and your hubby dear..I looooooove nutella :-) and that toast looks so decadent and inviting.. yum!!

  3. HAppy anniversary.. hope u have a wonderful time.. very delicious and and yummy breakfast.. nice sandwich

  4. Slurpppp!!thats a droolworthy toast..Belate marriage anniversary wishes Lizy..

  5. Thank you all so very much girls for all your wishes!