Monday, July 12, 2010

Iced Coffee

Who doesn't love iced drinks on hot days? With the mercury rising, it feels more tropical here than in the tropics! We are under sweltering heat for so many days now. It gets over 100° F during the day and you don't feel like eating any thing. Just gulping down gallons of iced cold water and other goodies. At work, I go for the iced coffee and at home, we prefer cold buttermilk with black salt and roasted, ground cumin. I remember how mom would refrain us from having any cold drinks when we'd have cold! Not cold, mostly allergy! I was talking to my mom on the phone from work and I sounded stuffed up. So mom advised me to not drink cold beverages! I was like, yes mom, whatever! Put the phone back and heded staight to Star Bucks for a tall iced coffee! I hope mom wouldn't read this.

1/2 cup brewed coffee, cooled (hazelnut vanilla is heavenly), 3/4 cup milk,sugar to taste, 2-3 ice cubes Mix up everything and enjoy!

I usually make a potful of coffee in the morning and leave it in the fridge. So whenever I am ready, my iced coffee is there to mix up. Sometimes I add cream to make it rich. Other times, I use flavored coffee whiteners. But most of the time, I stick with regular milk.


  1. Feel like grabbing that glass immediately, very refreshing drink..

  2. This is wonderful Buddy...! good try...!

  3. lovely...very refreshing and lovely pics...first time here....following u.........u hv a very bful space and loved the blog name.......just perfect........
    do peep into my space too...

  4. me too likes this iced coffe.. very easy to prepare and a very refreshing drink..