Thursday, July 1, 2010

Red N White Dessert!

To all my friends in the US, Happy Independence Day in advance!

Canada Day marks the creation of the Dominion of Canada in 1867, the beginning of a united country. From its earliest settlements by Native Americans, through French and English settlements and wars, Canada was a divided land. Some territories had banded together before 1867, but Confederation was the first large step toward total unity, from sea to sea. Canada is today a very large country, with a very large population and a very large economy. Well, enough of the history lesson for today!

For my family, Canada day holiday is the official day to go strawberry picking! We love to go to the farm and celebrate Canada Day with so many other Canadians, eat lots of strawberries(upto the throat!) and bring back home buckets of strawberries which later get transformed into jam, muffins, desserts and of course, most of them in the freezer for my smoothies!  We had a blast at the farm today. Watched the dog show(so many cute little and big dogs doing their tricks!), had the birthday cake(!) and came home without strawberries! Yup, this time, there was not that good of the berries to pick. Must be because of the torrential rain we had been having over the past few weeks. Anyways, we didn't break the tradition of the July 1st at least!
Dinner was of course, the bbq!  and I've got to make the red and white dessert!  I did come up with a very easy and quick vanilla mousse pie with strawberries. Don't ask me where I got the berries from!  They were storebought people!

Mousse was very easy to make. I had a few cups of Hunt's vanilla pudding and some of the Cool Whip left over.  So I quickly mixed them together, threw in the berries and lo and behold!  my dessert is done!  Mark enjoyed it very much.


  1. Yummyilicious mousee...delicious!

  2. Mousee seems healthy n delicious Lizy...I will certainly try this out...!

  3. Simple and delicious.Happy Independence Day!